Are you thinking of selling your home? Most homeowners spend too much time thinking about the right time to sell their property. It may take days, weeks, or months on end before they finally decide to put it on listing. If you’re wondering if it’s really important to know the best time to sell your house, the short answer is YES. If you want to place your property on the market, SellUsHomes is here to help you do so.

Before anything else

Take note that there’s a difference between finding the right time of the year to sell fast, and getting the best sales price for your property. For instance, a 2018 study shows that October is the best month to sell your property in Detroit with a 15.53% advantage in terms of profit whereas April shows -13.55% marking it as the worst month to sell your property. Based on this, planning ahead when listing your house at least 2-3 months before your target date will give you the best results. 

Instead of discussing every month of the year, we’ll be dividing them into its four seasons starting with:

Best time to sell your house



Just when the cold weather comes to pass, the landscape comes back to life in spring. Days lasting longer than they do during the winter, along with strong sunlight and rising temperatures will most likely attract more buyers to go out searching for homes. Tax refunds usually come in the late winter or early spring, which prompts homeowners to focus on repairs or renovations to improve their property before selling it. Flora and fauna start to blossom at this time of the year adding up to better curb appeal, thus attracting buyers to check out your property.


On the other hand, the Spring weather can be unpredictable; it can be sunny and dry one minute,  then it suddenly shifts to wet and showery on the next. It may be harder to show your house to buyers because of the unpredictable weather. Better step up your game during this season since this is when the real estate competition is the fiercest.



The hottest time of the year where you feel the warmth even when the sun goes down. The long daylight hours and predictable weather tops the list when planning an open house for sale. Vacation time gives owners and buyers more chances to show or tour prospects on their properties. 


On the other hand, during summer, there is often too much going on. It’s true that vacation period gives you more time as a homeowner to prep your home, but people would rather spend their time catching some sun on the beach. Sellers will need to constantly maintain their landscape to make it stay appealing as well. Maintenance could cost a bit more during this time of the year, since buyers want good air conditioning in a home. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy room on a hot day.



Days start to shorten, and temperatures begin to drop, and trees start to give out that beautiful orange tinge to its leaves. Most buyers prefer the look that the fall foliage adds to your curb appeal, which could increase your chances of selling your property. This is usually the time where serious buyers come out since they tend to hold off on their deals during spring and summer. The competition narrows down quite a bit since most of the properties have already been sold to other buyers. Families have returned from their summer vacations and kids have started back to school, giving more time for parents to show up on open houses for sale.


As the weather gets colder, and days get shorter, activity starts to slow down. Due to fewer Buyers, a Seller may become more desperate, and Buyers could get more demanding. The exterior of your house is harder to maintain as leaves falling everywhere might prompt you to enlist aid from landscapers.




The coldest time of the year. There are fewer homes for sale during this season, meaning there is lower inventory and less competition. Buyers at this time of year are serious Buyers. Year-end performance reviews and bonuses mean buyers may have more finances to spend on a property. A holiday vibe for your home gives a “homey” feeling to it which sets buyers to envision themselves living inside the property. Snow covering your backyard can work in your favor as well, especially if you haven’t focused on landscaping yet.


The cold weather pushes people to spend more time inside. Many potential home buyers look at just making it through the winter, decided to go home shopping when the weather gets warmer.. The nights are longer which cut your time for showing your house to potential buyers. Good heating insulation might cost you a little bit extra along the way as well.

The bottom line is all four seasons show great chances of properties being sold if they’re used to your advantage. There are homeowners and investors who successfully make a sale despite not being in best time of the year. The secret is knowing what’s best for you as a seller and SellUsHomes knows exactly what it is you need. Regardless of the season, we make it a point to offer the best price for your beloved property. Contact us now  at (734)224-5947 or send us an email via:

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