In a typical scenario, a seller lists their home for sale, a buyer presents an offer, the seller accepts the offer and the deal closes. However, there are times when a buyer has interest in buying a home, but, for some reason, is not ready to commit to the purchase now visit us here billigaste mobil abonne mang hallon. This is a situation when a Right of First Refusal comes into play. What is it, and what role does this play in a sales transaction?


It’s easy to interchange these two concepts. 

A Right of First Refusal (RFR) is an agreement, or contract that gives the holder (potential buyer) the option to purchase a property, if/when it is offered for sale. It is a future right, contingent on the property being listed on the market for sale. Terms can be non-binding, or binding. 

There Are A Couple Types Of RFR:

  1. The holder gets the option to buy the property, before any other buyer. This can be binding, or non-binding, with, or without an end date. In a non-binding RFR, the option holder is not obligated to purchase the property. The seller is not obligated to sell, if a price and terms have not been established in the RFR agreement.Variation of options with the RFR:The RFR contract can establish a sales price based on an appraisal completed at the time the contract is established. Or, the sales price can be determined as a percentage of current value, agreed to by the parties. For example: if the value, when the agreement is established, is $100,000, the parties may agree that the future sales price will be increased 5% each year during the RFR contract term.

  2. Another type of RFR, gives the holder of the RFR the right to match any offer the seller receives.

Right of First Offer

A Right of First Offer (ROFO), is also known as Right of First Negotiation. The holder of this agreement gets the first chance to buy the property, before the seller negotiates with any other potential buyer. The agreement may just simply give the holder the right to make an offer. The seller may not be obligated to do more than just look at the offer.


There are several situations that warrant a ROFR, such as:

  • Between landlord and tenant – if a tenant is interested in purchasing the rental property and has this clause written into their lease, the landlord considers their offer first before moving on to other potential buyers.
  • Between family members – the family member has a chance to submit their offer first, once the house is listed on the market.
  • Homeowners’ Association – the HOA board will often place a RFR clause into their statements. This allows them to vet potential buyers before the seller even accepts any offers.
  • General public – there may be any potential buyer who would like to purchase the house, if/when the owner decides to sell their house.


A RFR should be created as a contract, in which the holder is giving some consideration to the seller, or pays for the option right. This consideration should be given at the time the RFR agreement is established. 

If the owner/seller collected a fee from the holder for the RFR, this money is a benefit to the seller. They keep this fee, regardless if they end up selling to the holder of the RFR, or not.

The seller benefits from the RFR contract, if the purchase price in the RFR agreement is higher than future market values, when the holder exercises their option to purchase. 

The holder of the RFR is hoping the agreed upon price is less than the future market value, when they exercise their right to purchase the property. The holder is also hoping to be in a better position to purchase the property, in the future, within the agreement’s term.


The terms of each RFR contract  vary, but they generally carry the same point. There are certain rules to follow for setting the price, how long the option will last and other contingencies. 

As with all similar scenarios, the Right of Refusal should be used sparingly with the full knowledge of the liability that you place upon yourself. 

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